Target group

The target group of the study includes all applicants for one of the SNSF career funding instruments at the postdoctoral level. The first cohort starts in October 2018 with Postdoc.Mobility and Early Postdoc.Mobility. Applicants to Ambizione, PRIMA and Eccellenza will be interviewed for the first time in spring 2019.
Each participant will be asked to take part in three main surveys. The first is a baseline survey at the start of the observation period – that is, after submitting an application to one of the career funding instruments. This is followed by an intermediate survey after about 3 to 5 years depending on the instrument to which the respondent applied and a final survey after about 10 years. Between these in-depth surveys, short follow-up surveys will be conducted on a yearly basis.

Data protection

The survey data will be used exclusively for the purposes of the SNSF-CTC study. The results of the study will be published anonymously, so that the respondents are not identifiable. The participation in the SNSF-CTC study is unrelated to the evaluation procedure of any proposal submitted to the SNSF. The SNSF-CTC study will remain completely separated from the routine activities of the SNSF. The data will be analysed by an independent team for scientific purposes only, with the ultimate aim to improve the career funding instruments of the SNSF.