Author: Barbara Zimmermann

Second cohort now running

In spring 2019 the second cohort of the Career Tracker Cohort study was launched. For the first time applicants for Ambizione, Eccellenza and PRIMA received the base questionnaire. Again, the survey achieved an excellent response rate. The first wave of this cohort will be completed with the autumn surveys running in September. At the same..

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Successful start of the Career Tracker Cohorts study!

The first wave of the survey among the applicants for Early Postdoc.Mobility and Postdoc.Mobility has successfully been completed in October 2018. It reached an outstanding response rate of 91%. Many thanks to all participants! In March and April 2019, all applicants for Amibizione, PRIMA, Eccellenza as well as Early Postdoc.Mobility and Postdoc.Mobility (spring deadline) will..

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